Sunday, June 16, 2013

Balebare Ghat

Balebare ghat is a ghat road between Siddapur in Udupi and Mastikatte in Shimoga. The place receives heaviest rainfalls during monsoon turning every corner and gap into a waterfall. The Varahi, Savehaklu and Chakra dam, Nagar and Kavaledurga are the must visit places.

These three dams are the ill-conceived, worst-executed irrigation and power generation plans and are the best example of mass destruction in the hands of money hungry Bakasuras. The never ending development works still continue to consume one of the great bio diverse ranges of western ghats.

The ghat is also called Hulikal ghat and it was recorded that this region receives more rainfall than the southern Chirapunji, Agumbe, (Agumbe officially receves highest rainfall in South India - it is some 40 kms from here)

There is a cute Chandikamba Temple at the top, near Hulikal, just adjacent to road. The pooja takes place around 12 noon and is a sight to behold.  

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